This makeup technique is appropriate for High-Definition television as well as clients who prefer a very sheer and natural application. Airbrush technique is recommended as part of the service to all bridal party patrons (please inquire for specific details).

   This technique, utilizing Airbrush, is for those that need help camouflaging any area with touchable, rub-resistant and waterproof coverage (birthmarks, tattoos, varicose veins and acne scars to name a few common areas requested to disguise). Paramedical Airbrush Makeup is highly-regarded in the medical community for providing safe, sanitary and flawless coverage for all post-operative patients. Airbrush makeup is hypoallergenic and silicone free and requires a touch-free makeup application.

   Considered lifestyle makeup designed for both everyday and special events. Make this event one to remember (fundraising and social events, anniversaries, birthdays, important milestones, first impressions, and makeup-wardrobing).

"Dear Monica, this is just a THANK YOU! Thank you for being so dedicated to the women who participate in the Look Good...Feel Better program."
- Bernice William- American Cancer Society
(C) 2015