Born and raised in Texas, Monica launched her makeup artist career with The Miss Texas Pageant circuit. Traveling from Austin to Dallas and San Antonio to Corpus Christi, her name was given great attention in this particular world of beauty; she gained a reputation as the very best pageant makeup artist in the business. Soon, state officials and pageant contestants alike were seeking her beauty recommendations. As her popularity was growing throughout the community of pageantry, politics and social fundraising, and her employers started taking notice. It was then that her formal training began.

   Monica Stark began her makeup artist training under the guidance of the Couture House of CHANEL in 1993. Nearly a decade later, her talents were rewarded. Her CHANEL corporate employers in New York City selected her to become part of the very elite and prestigious CHANEL National Makeup Artist team. Monica became the very first female to ever secure this position in the company's long, traditional history. Her skills were finely tuned under the watchful direction of Dominique Moncourtois (CHANEL'S Artistic & Beauty Creator based in France). In addition, she has extensively trained with International Makeup Designer, Susan Sterling, in Boca Raton, Florida. Monica's training has embodied the fresh, new looks straight from the runways of Paris, New York and Milan.

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Makeup Santa Fe, providing on-site professional makeup artistry by Monica Stark, the premier makeup artist in Northern New Mexico.
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